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Dead In Tombstone

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Title : Dead In Tombstone

Director : Roel Reine

Credit : Composer

Release : 21st October 2013

We are very proud to announce the release of Dead In Tombstone on October 21st 2013.  We began work on this project in October 2012 and were asked to create a unique sounding score for a gritty and imaginative western, in all respects a contemporary take on a traditional foundation.  The film which was a huge amount of fun to work on is directed by Roel Reine (Death Race 2 and The Scorpion King) and stars Danny Trejo, Anthony Michael Hall and Mickey Rourke.

Trejo plays Guerrero Hernandez, leader of the Blackwater Gang of outlaws. But after freeing his half-brother, Red (Hall), from prison, Guerrero’s plan to loot the mining town of Edendale backfires spectacularly when he is double crossed by Red. After making a deal with the Devil (Rourke), Guerrero comes back from the dead a year later to seek his revenge."


© 2013 Back Lot Music

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