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Driveclub Bikes

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Title: Driveclub Bikes

Credit: Composer

Studio: Sony SCEE / Evolution Studios

On December the 11th 2015, Sony released a huge expansion to their Driveclub game called Driveclub Bikes. We were already completely in love with the remixes chosen for the main game but now had the enviable delight of hearing 7 new interpretation of our original score. The remixes are available from iTunes & Amazon and include amazing reworkings from Jacob, Throwing Snow, Toydrum, Bensley, Koven, Machinedrum and Cmd/Ctrl.

Available as a standalone game or as an expansion Driveclub Bikes brings a whole new way to race. Hit the tracks on incredibly fast and agile Superbikes from Ducati, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda and more across all 78 DRIVECLUB locations – each offering new challenges for the untamed power of these amazing machines.


© 2015 Sony SCEE / Evolution Studios

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