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Title: Driveclub

Studio: Sony SCEE / Evolution Studios

Score Composer: Hybrid

We're delighted to finally announce that the score for Sony & Evolution Studio's next level racer for the PS4 is released on the 7th of October 2014. We spent the majority of last summer immersed in writing the score and trying to imagine what you'd hear coming out of the hi-fi of some of the world's most desirable (and expensive) supercars. The score has been remixed by some of the industry's most influential and cutting edge remixers and the whole package will be available from iTunes.

Driveclub brings to life the heart and soul of car culture, an incredible, authentic and immersive PS4 driving experience where you can drive the most powerful and beautifully designed cars in the world, all rendered in staggering detail.

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© 2014 © 2015 Sony SCEE / Evolution Studios

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