Interlude In Prague Score

This film has been an 18 month journey for us and a project that many people said we were completely mad to take on. It began with a meeting with Producer Huw Penalt Jones, Director John Stephenson and the writer of Interlude in Prague Brian Ashby.…read more

Scoring Billionaire Ransom

In Februaray 2015, we flew to the Czech Republic to record the infamous City Of Prague Philharmonic for our score for Billionaire Ransom (aka Take Down), along with director Jim Gillespie, music supervisor Claire Freeman and legendary orchestrator, Dave Foster. We retuned with a glorious set…read more

Frantic Assebley’s Othello

We were honoured to provide the soundtrack to the contemporary theatre company, Frantic Assembly’s critically acclaimed production of Othello. Frantic Assembly’s Othello toured the UK with the final performances held in London in January and February of this year. This remarkable performance won the TMA Award…read more


One of the first games to be released on Sony’s brand new Playstation 4 is #DRIVECLUB. We’re proud to show you the trailer revealed at E3 which features an edit of a new track from us called ‘Be Here Now’. More to be announced soon… Official…read more

Music for Fast & Furious 6

We were delighted to see 6 months of hard work up on the big screen last month with the worldwide launch of Fast & Furious 6. We were asked to work primarily on the tone and propulsion of the action scenes (of which there were quite…read more

Music for Total Recall

We have recently completed work on the forthcoming Total Recall remake, directed by Len Wiseman. Over the course of about 5 months, we contributed roughly 50 minutes of additional music and ideas for main composer Harry Gregson-Williams. Set in a futuristic world where nuclear war has…read more

Empire features in ‘Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter’ trailer

The dark orchestral tone of Empire from our ‘Disappear Here’ album has been chosen for the international trailer for the Tim Burton production of Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter. The film follows the life of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States who discovers…read more

Scoring Ghost Recon Future Soldier

We’re proud to announce that our score for Ghost Recon Future Soldier is on general released. We worked on the soundtrack over a period of months in 2010 and explored a very high-tech meets orchestral sound. We wanted to convey the visceral and brutal nature of…read more

Music for Fast Five

Earlier this year we were invited to work on Fast Five and contributed four cues to the score. The cues needed an electronic Brazilian street vibe but fitting in a score arrangement and we were given fantastic license to weave those influences together and come up…read more

Music for Cowboys & Aliens

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve be working on the new Jon Favreau film Cowboys & Aliens for Harry Gregson Williams. The film stars Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford and is set in 1873 when a spaceship arrives in Arizona to take over the Earth, as…read more

Empire features in ‘The Rite’ trailer

The opening track from Disappear Here has been chosen for the the trailer for the forthcoming Anthony Hopkins film, The Rite. The version used is a special edit which been taken from the ‘Widescreen Edition’ of the album which is was released on the 22nd of…read more

Music For Unstoppable

We’ve just completed work on the forthcoming Denziel Washington film, Unstoppable for composer Harry Gregson Williams. We’ve been working on the score for the film remotely from our studios in the UK and sending unfeasibly large audio files overnight to LA, much to the disgust of…read more

Music For X-Men Origins : Wolverine

We’ve been in the studio working with Harry Gregson Williams on the score for the forthcoming X-Men film Wolverine starring Hugh Jackman and Liev Schreiber. We’ve been working between LA and the UK and are currently holed up in our Derbyshire studio writing and sound designing…read more

Choke features in ‘The Spirit’ trailer

Hybrid’s track Choke with John Graham was chosen to soundtrack the the trailer for the Frank Miller and Will Eisner movie, The Spirit. Adapted from the legendary comic strip, The Spirit is a classic action adventure-romance told by genre-twister Frank Miller (creator of 300 and Sin…read more