Hybrid are a duo of British recording artists and film composers, Mike and Charlotte Truman who have gained international acclaim for their ability to combine heavyweight electronic production, intricate organic textures with soaring orchestral soundscapes. They have written and toured 5 artist albums and have a deep understanding of contemporary and orchestral genres and regularly write and produce not only scores but songs within films. They have worked on over 30 feature films and game scores for the likes of Sony, Universal, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Ubisoft, Pinewood Films, Legendary Pictures, Lionsgate and Scott Free.

“It’s always a dream to collaborate with extremely talented people who can not only work outside the box but understand the essence of how to help elevate the project through their contributions. I can’t wait to work
together again.”
— Justin Linn - Director (Fast & Furious / Star Trek)
“When I heard the first track that Hybrid did for Dead In Tombstone it blew my mind. It was a very difficult movie to score, but Hybrid nailed it hands down on all the tracks for the whole score. I’m so proud of this movie.”
— Roel Reiné - Director (Dead In Tombstone)
“When I began looking for a fit for Driveclub’s soundtrack, I had two key goals in mind: It had to be iconic, and it had to be epic. I realised that Hybrid had a sound that was unique and bore a pristine quality, shaping the mood and feel to ensure the tone of the visuals stand out.”
— Alan McDermott - Sony Computer Entertainment (Driveclub)
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